Lofty Dreams

In my day-to-day life, I need something to look forward to in order to survive the drudgery of everyday life. And thinking about traveling, and even better—planning a trip somewhere— always does the trick to distract me from everyday life.

I came up with a convoluted personal resolution to try to travel SOMEWHERE once a month every month this year. It doesn’t have to be someplace exotic, but it does have to be someplace other than my living room.

This is the place where I will tell you all about my travels. Hopefully, this blog will keep me on task and inspire me to fulfill my resolution. And maybe I will even inspire someone else to get off their couch and go someplace new.

Sneak Peak at My Planned Destinations:

January 2017: College Football National Championship Game in Tampa, Florida

February 2017: Red Hook, East End, St. Thomas, USVI

March 2017: Orlando, Florida

April 2017: Singer Island, Florida

May 2017: TBD

June 2017: TBD (Midlothian, Virginia?)

July 2017: TBD

August 2017: TBD

September 2017:

October 2017:

November 2017: Frenchman’s Reef, St. Thomas, USVI

December 2017:

I’ve got 6 out of 12 covered so far…and I have plenty of time to plan 6 more adventures.


10 thoughts on “Lofty Dreams

    1. It’s physically impossible for me to be anything but honest and forthcoming. I don’t really sugar coat stuff, clearly. Congrats on your nomination! Following you now — please don’t let my jadedness get to your young mom optimism!


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